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Your new home awaits you, high in the jungle of the Andes Mountains, overlooking the Peñol-Guatapé Resevoir. Nestled on lakefront shores, you’ll experience breathtaking views, amazing adventures, and an energetic culture. Guatapé is a small town located an hour east of Medellín at 7,000ft elevation. With consistently warm temperatures throughout the year, Guatapé is the ideal climate for those wanting a vacation home or a year-round paradise.

Schenkar Construction is a US-based builder, and we are adapting global building and quality control standards we’ve built our reputation on for over 25 years, and are bringing them to South America. Leveraging our construction expertise and local connections, we are excited to bring you world-class, luxury homes in your new favorite place.

Concept & Details

Schenkar Construction has built a reputation for high-quality, precision-built, luxury homes. We pride ourselves on our Design/Build approach that can bring any vision to life. The Design/Build concept combines all aspects of a build, from inception to completion, under one roof. Our approach allows us to deliver both quality and luxury efficiently, while still allowing for flexibility and value engineering for our clients. We build our homes with strict standards that include detailed structural, geotechnical, and civil engineering plans to guarantee calculations and quality control. Browse our gallery to see some examples of our attention to detail along all phases of the build process.


We facilitate all permits, approvals, and necessary requirements for prepping the building site and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Build Phase

Our build team consists of experienced project managers, architects, engineers, and trade specialists, led directly by Schenkar Construction Principal, Alex Schenkar. Throughout the lifecycle of the build, we provide budget and milestone updates to ensure transparent communication.

Follow The Whole Process

We will continue to document our project so you can follow along the process of building a luxury home in Guatapé. 

About Guatapé

Originally a farming village, Guatapé is a burgeoning town for those seeking both the intrepid and indulgent. This colorful town outside of Medellín is famous for the turquoise waters of the Peñol Reservoir, lush landscape, and vibrant culture. The goliath volcanic rock, La Piedra del Peñol, is a stunning centerpiece providing scenic views of the mountainous region. Yes, you can hike to the top!

While strolling the cobblestone walkways through town, colorful zócalos line the colonial-style shops and homes. These art panels display the traditional storytelling of the village and have helped the town with its namesake of being the most colorful town in the world. Indulge in the local street food and enjoy cocktails on a floating bar!

Water sports are a must, whether that means swimming, boating, jet skiing, or playing on a floating playground. It’s common to navigate to town by the water where you can enjoy a meal in town. Then enjoy a leisurely cruise during sunset, and wind down the evening with calming views of the water.

Let’s Start Building

Ready to build your dream home in Guatapé? We’re here to answer your questions and help you embark on your build journey.


Design & Engineering

Our objective is to be a one-stop shop for all your Design/Build needs. We ensure that we see through each stage of the project until completion. Our team of diverse professionals will create a tailored design plan that is a reflection of your vision, keeping the work in-house to help your budget go further. Establishing and maintaining communication during the entire design process ensures transparency and accuracy of client directives and design status. We also provide step-by-step budget updates throughout each phase of design to maintain financial expectations.

Learn More About Guatapé

Ready to visit? We have partnered with Travel Theory, luxury travel advisors who specialize in customized travel planning. Browse their collection of local guides, reviews, and tips for visiting, and let them help prepare you for your next trip!

Learn More About Our Vision

View our design rendering gallery to see our vision before it comes to life! These detailed renderings help us visualize the final product, and let us share our vision with you. 

Stay Updated

We will continue to update the website with more images, information and video as the build progresses. Keep checking back to see new content and discover more about Guatapé. Sign up for our newsletter to automatically receive updates when new content is posted. 



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